Reverse Crunch: One of the Best Abdominal Exercises | Full guide

Dear reader, how are you? Can you tell me, In which part of our body,  If fat increase then we are at Risk of diabetes, heart disease etc? For increasing size of which part we will face those problems? Correct, the size of our body's waist/abdomen.

"If there is a size of 39.5 in men and 35.5 inches stomach in women, then Heart disease, diabetes etc. can be. We are sitting with this most dangerous stomach, Besides, a big stomach, however, destroys all your beauty, You are the laugh of all.  Those who work all day long do not do any work or movements, For them, it becomes more prominent.

Here we will discuss One of the best exercises in the stomach - how to do Reverse Crunch.

Reverse Crunch: One of the Best Abdominal Exercises | Full guide

What is Reverse Crunch?

This is a common abdominal exercise - just like the crunch. It's is very straightforward. However, it is better or more work than a crunch or a job. This is Strength type exercise.

We need lying on the ground at the time of this Exercises. This is done by the intention of two parallel muscles in the stomach. Only 90 feet of legs with the body, Keeping straight or light curved, with hip, a little lower is raised. As a result, this expense basically works for the lower abs of the stomach

The reverse crunch can be of many types, Here we will talk about The easiest and for the beginner.

How to do Reverse Crunch?

Warm up properly before exercising abdominal exercises, otherwise, the muscle will be pooled, cold body exercises will not work.

Reverse Crunch: One of the Best Abdominal Exercises | Full guide
Photo 1

  1. Lie down on the ground or on the floor
  2. Bring the legs together (feet) and bring 90 degrees with Upper body.
  3. Place two hands on the ground or two behind the head(Like 1 photo)
  4. Drop the breath, then lift the legs with the hip and lower back, from the floor to the top or to the roof, so that there is some pressure on the stomach (like photo 2).
  5. Come down the hip again or come in the same position as picture 1. Take a breath
  6. Let's move it up again and set it to 1-3. 12 to 20 times

Reverse Crunch: One of the Best Abdominal Exercises | Full guide
Photo 2

You can watch and follow the video to do Reverse Crunch


◨ Only legs, with hip, with the lower part of the stomach will rise upwards.
◨ The head will always be on the floor, there will be no pressure on the neck of the neck.
◨ Eyes are straight on the roof.
◨ Hands may be fitted lightly behind the head Or on both sides of the body, on the floor (like the photo)
◨ Never keep hands behind the back.
◨ Knees may have to be lightened, but the knees can be relaxed
◨ Do not exercise this by sleeping or taking fun.
◨ Do not rush while doing this exercise Gradually, the legs will rise upwards, come down slowly Understand this video.
◨ Be careful not to overload the back muscle.
◨ Drop breath at the time when you move up and take breath when moving down.
◨ Do not exercise this cold in the body. Warm up or do the exercise at the end of Cardio.

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