Men breast cancer- Symptoms, Treatments

Male breast cancer-Not only women who are breast cancer, but men may also have breast cancer. Mount Sinai Beth is the head of Israel's breast surgery, Susan K. Bulbul said, "The common question is: If men do not have breast, how can they be breast cancer? I would say, of course, they have the possibility of breast cancer. "Men are born with a small amount of breast tissue and their breast growth is not like women, but breast cancer is likely to develop.

Men breast cancer- Symptoms, Treatments

According to the American Cancer Society, "At present, men are fewer than those of breast cancer - about 100 times less." The possibility of developing breast cancer among men may be very harmful, however. Let's know, some important information about men's breast cancer.

The first symptom of men's breast cancer is Pounded into the breast

Sharon Harmes Giordano, a researcher at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, said: "Feeling of lumps in your breasts - in most cases, men's breast cancer is that first symptom."

In most cases, a lump is available directly on the nipple, but it can be found anywhere in the nipple. Dr. Bulbul said that you can also experience increased lymph nodes in the armpit. Dr. Giordano said, "I have some patients who have bleeding from their breasts and maybe another worrying symptom.

Men breast cancer- Symptoms, Treatments

A family history of breast cancer puts you at risk

If there is a family history of breast cancer, that means If a woman or a male had a breast cancer in your family,, then you may be at risk. According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 5 of the male breast cancer patients has close relatives, who had breast cancer.

In many cases, the inheritance of BRCA-1 or BRCA-2 due to inherited gene mutation cause of Breast cancer. You might have heard that Oscar winner Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie was related to breast cancer inherited genes. But it can put men at risk.

The physical condition increases the risk of men's breast cancer

Dr. Bulbul said, "Although family history is a matter of great concern for the risk of breast cancer, some physical conditions may also increase your risk - for example, it is possible to increase the growth of estrogen."

Dr. Giordano said, "There is a high likelihood of getting tumor controlled by hormones (especially estrogen) among male breast cancer patients." This is the opposite of other breast cancer in women (for example, Triple Negative Breast Cancer).

According to the American Cancer Society, although most of the causes of men's breast cancer are unknown, it is believed that hormone levels play a role in the development of this cancer - because breast cells increase and divide in response to female hormones like estrogen. The more divisions occur, the greater the likelihood of noise in the DNA copy process. This can increase the growth and expansion of cancer cells.

One of the risk factors for estrogen is the liver disease (eg, cirrhosis or sewer liver scarring or liver wounds, which have been drinking for a long time). According to the American Society, men suffering from intense liver disease are usually less likely to have testosterone-like endogenous or male hormones and have high levels of estrogen.

Obesity also puts both men and women at high risk, because fat cells convert androgens to estrogen. Obesity also increases the risk of many other cancers. In general, men who have had radiation treatment to treat cancer like lymphoma, they are also at high risk.

Men breast cancer- Symptoms, Treatments

Male Breast Cancer Treatment

Although the condition of each patient is different, men and women have very similarities in the screening and treatment of breast cancer. Dr. Bulbul said, "When a man comes to us with breasts or lumps, we also do it for the women, for example - like mammogram and ultrasound." It will make your doctor understand that you will need biopsy for your cancer cell examination.

If breast cancer diagnosis is diagnosed, then the next step is usually surgery. Dr. Giordano said, "Most men have to go through the process of mastic, even if they have very small breasts tissues. Chemotherapy and radiation are provided in the required area.

Men's breast cancer can be deadly if diagnosis delay

At the same time, men and women's breast cancer diagnosis is the same as their diagnosis rate. In this context, Dr. Bulbul said, 'If both of them are in the first phase, their overall recuperation potential is the same. The second stage is the same (and also at other stages). '

Many men wait a long time to diagnose breast cancer. But it is important to remember that if you can quickly identify it, it increases the probability of suppression.

Dr. Giordano said, "Even after feeling the breasts, many men do not think that it can be cancer, so they do not go to the doctor." He also said, "They are inclined to appear with big tumors and may have lymph nodes associated with these tumors."

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