Digestive problems,Domestic treatment| How to avoid Digestion

What is Digestion?

Digestive problems| Suffering problems in digestion? Only the problem of digestion is understood, how annoying matter is. Digestive problems due to unhealthy foods, no exercise, water emptiness, excessive smoking, stress, malnutrition, sleep problems etc.

From our mouth to the intestine, there are many active hormones, enzymes, and chemicals. After chewing food or after gambling he beat him into the Atomic atom and Finally mixing with blood The work of these chemicals. If this does not work properly, food does not get digested, mean no nutrients in the food are mixed with blood. As a result, there's a shortage of various kinds of material in the body. Lack of vitamins and minerals, anemia,  lack of blood, frustrations etc. are the consequences of this.

Digestive problems,Domestic treatment| How to avoid Digestion

Domestic treatment

If there is a problem of digestion, it is important to consult a doctor. However, you can follow some domestic methods to solve the problem of digestion.


To solve the digestion problems, take ginger. It also works to prevent vomiting. The antibacterial, antiviral and inflammatory components in it help digestion.

  • If you have problems with digestion, you can drink two to three cups of tea a day. Take one teaspoon of ginger in half a cup of water. Give it to the stove for 10 minutes. Remove the ginger from the drink Give a little honey. Then drink it.
  • Mix two teaspoons of ginger juice and one cup of honey with two cups of hot water. Eat it two or three in the day.
  • To make digestion good, After eating, you can chew a small piece of ginger.

Apple cider vinegar

In it, the Paktin helps the bowel movement, digestion.
  • One tablespoon raw, crude apple cider vinegar in a cup of hot water.
  • Mix honey in it.
  • Drink two to three times a day to solve digestive problems.

 How to avoid Digestion

You can follow some tips to avoid irritant problems such as indigestion, acidity, extra gas, stomach and ventilation in the stomach

  • Do not be rush during meals. With time, you will end up eating well chewed well. The food is not properly digested by eating in a hurry. Without it, a lot of air in the stomach also entered.
  • Drinking more water during the time of meal and middle, the stomach becomes weak and can not break the food properly. So at least 30 minutes before eating drink a glass of water. Not much water during meals. After the meal, drink water after a while.
  • There is a problem of digesting different types of food. Those who have Lactose Intolerance, they can not eat milk and milk made foods. Many people have problems with sweeteners (such as fruit juice or chocolate, etc.). Someone has problems with bread, Whoever is in trouble, he will be able to catch up themselves.
  •  Smoking, chewing gum and may lead to stomach gas intensification. To avoid this kind of practice.

You should follow these tips to avoid Digestion Problem and consult with Doctor if need

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